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Santa Factory

LynXmas 2020 Game Jam - An Atari Lynx homebrew game by Nop90

Santa Factory is the legendary workshop where Santa Claus is said to make the toys and presents given out at Christmas. December is a busy month in this factory,  elves have to pack all the presents before the eve night.

In this game you play as an elf controlling a packing line.
You have a list of  wishes  and  you  have  to  combine  the desired toys according to it. You are allowed to  make  some wrong packs (after all "do not look  a  gift  horse  in  the mouth"), but too many mistakes and Xmas could be ruined.

In the Puzzle mode you have a list of presents for every day of December from 8th to 24th and you have to pack them in  a limited amount of time. In the Arcade mode you play  in  the last minutes before the eve night and have to pack  as  many gifts as you can without mistakes. There is a time limit, but at every good pack you make Santa gives you some  more  time with his magic.


Direction PAD: move
A: Pack selected gifts
B: Change gift selector orientation (horizontal/vertical)
Pause: Pause the game
Pause+ALT1: Reset the game and back to menu


Santa Factory - LynXmas 2020.zip 46 kB


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It's already released on a cart with all the titles of the Lynxmas 2020 jam. Check Atarigamer online shop

Are there any plans for a physical release?

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How do you run it? I have never heard of lyx, lnx,  or o files!

It is an Atari Lynx cart image, you can paly it on a real Lynx programming an Atari lynx flash cart or use the rom with an Atari Lynx SD carts (there are two kind available, one using the headerless LYX format, and one using the LNX format).

Last chance is to play it with an emulator (Handy, or the Handy derived libretro core) or online on the Atarigame online emulator (Atarigamer is the organizer of the Jam for which this game was released).

You can learn all you need on the Atari Lynx on the Atari Age forum, that is a sponsor of the jam.